The Vegas Venue In The Heart of Blackpool



Jim Davidson OBE – On the Road Again

The people’s favourite comedian with a brand-new show which promises to be the antidote to this ‘PC’ world we now live in.

  • Jim brings to the stage for the first time a truly revealing and hilarious look at his life. From the triumphs to the tragedies.
  • If you are easily offended – please stay away. This is not like our usual 'Vegas' production shows, this is a no holds barred stand-up comedy show from one of the most outragrous comics Britain has ever seen.
  • Definitely not for the faint hearted this show is too rude for TV! Politically incorrect!
  • Featuring support from comedian Lloyd Hollett.
  • Guaranteed to be outrageous and as truthful as ever.


Prices (Strictly Over 18s Only)

  • Show Tickets £25.00pp
  • 'Show & Dine' discounted upgrades from £16.95 to £21.45pp (Click for menu)

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