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Thursday1 Dec 2022
Friday8 Dec 2022

Back Out Of Hell – The Ultimate Meatloaf Tribute

For over almost 5 decades we’ve experienced some phenomenal songs that were more like miniature plays or operas than simply rock songs.

‘Back Out Of Hell’ The Ultimate Meat Loaf Tribute Experience will help you relive the early days in the 70’s through to the 80’s when Meat Loaf enjoyed a resurgence and indeed some of his best tracks. Bat Out Of Hell The original album remained in the top 100 for many years.

The album which saw You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth,Two Out Of Three,Paradise By The Dashboard Light. Then on his comeback Tracks like his duet with Cher,Dead Ringer, plus Modern Girl, along with his monster hit I Would Do Anything For Love, number 1 in over 25 different countries.

Along with many album tracks your music memories will be reignited. Life Is A Lemon, Out Of The Frying Pan and Into The Fire and Rock and Roll Dreams Came Through are just a few of the many hits for you to relive your younger rebellious years.


Back Out Of Hell – The Ultimate Meatloaf Tribute
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December 2022
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