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Viva launches Dynamic Pricing

8 November 2023

Every now and again, we review our Viva seating plans to meet demand, react to feedback and popularity of the 900+ seating positions we have in the venue.

This has recently been undertaken, and we are introducing some improvements to our seating plans for 2024.

– The area previously known as ‘Premier’ has been upgraded to ‘PremierPLUS’ and has been reduced to a focused area in the centre of the room, nearest the stage. These are the BEST seats in the house and will typically be highest priced tickets

– The seating area previously known as ‘Standard’ has been upgraded to ‘Premier’ – These seats are offered across the majority of the room and provide exceptional viewing at a competitive price point.

– The seating areas previously known as ‘Bar Area’ and ‘VIP/Tall Table’ seating have been combined and renamed ‘Standard’ seating. They offer a great view at an affordable price.Some of our tables/seats have been re-categorised. If for example there is a slight viewing restriction – we’ve moved these seats into the ‘Standard’ seating category to reflect this in the price of the tickets.

There has been no change to the table numbering. So if you have already purchased tickets – this will not change.

Where ticket demand is very high, fewer changes have been made to the price bands, and only the names of the seating areas have been changed (to PremierPLUS, Premier and Standard).

We have also introduced some more information onto the seating plan – such as what the colours mean on the different seats, where venue facilities are etc.

We are retaining our ‘Child (U7) tickets (which are FREE for most in house performances) and Junior Tickets (7-15) but we are combining Adult and OAP tickets into a single ‘Adult 16+’ ticket as we seek to reduce the complicated number of options available, and introduce Dynamic Pricing.


Dynamic Pricing

As part of our review, we are introducing something called ‘Dynamic Pricing’. This will automatically lower or raise the prices of tickets according to demand on a daily basis. This will generally mean early bookers are rewarded with much lower prices during times where there is less demand. It also means we can also generally lower our prices across all seats to encourage more people to book – improving the atmosphere in the venue and making performances more accessible.

This is similar to how airline tickets are priced – with prices fluctuating according to demand. So our advice is to BOOK EARLY and get the best price possible, as it is likely it won’t go any cheaper before the performance.To introduce Dynamic pricing, we will be removing the option to book with a ‘Flexible Deposit’ for a trial period – as we will require payment in full in order to manage the dynamic pricing.

Another improvement to our current ticket pricing structure is the ‘Blue Light Scheme’ re-introduction. Partnering with our public sector workers, we will be offering discounted ticket prices. This in addition to the contribution we currently make to local charities.


What will happen if I’ve already booked? You don’t need to do anything! Your seat will still be in the same position, and the table number/seat number remain the same – so please don’t worry.

I’ve already booked with a flexible deposit, is this cancelled? No – your flexible deposit is still holding the seat/table you’ve booked and you can pay the balance any time up to 7 days before your visit.

We would recommend contacting us now to pay your balance to lock in a lower price if the show/event is subject to dynamic pricing (as prices may go up, and flexible deposits do not ‘lock in’ the price at the time of reserving, only the time when the balance is paid in full).
Are all shows dynamically priced? No. Most of our shows for 2024 have dynamic pricing, but there are some visiting shows which we contractually obliged to sell at a certain price – so these prices will stay the same until the show, unless the promoter/producer opts into Dynamic pricing or runs a special offer. These shows may retain the flexible deposit option.

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