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Friday23 Sep 2022
Saturday30 Sep 2022

Pizzas and Snacks

Enjoy amazing snacks and freshly made pizzas from our award winning kitchen

Showtime Pizzas and Snacks

If you’re looking for freshly cooked food from our a-la-carte snack menu, you’ll find excellent prices and a high-quality range of snacks to indulge in.

We cater for any hunger pang you may have! Whether you’re after a burger or a pizza, we’ll prepare some snacks from to take care of your hunger pangs with our renowned kitchen staff. Take a look at what’s on offer here at Viva Blackpool.

Please note – We strongly recommend advising your server on ordering of any specific allergen or dietary requirements.

For daytime/afternoon performances we recommend contacting the venue to be advised on whether the snack menu is being served.




Loaded potato Skins – 4 crispy potato skins topped with bacon, cheese, sour cream and spring onion – £6.95 

Nachos – With salsa, cheese sauce, sour cream & Jalapeños – £6.95 (v)

Crispy Chicken tenders – Served with side salad & dip – £6.95

Mini Greek salad – Crispy green salad with feta, olives and balsamic drizzle- £6.95 (v)



Elvis Fries – Topped with cheese & bacon – £4.95

Touchdown Fries – Chicken strips & Peppered gravy – £6.95

Chilli cheese fries – Beef chilli & melted cheese topping – £6.95

Salt & Chilli chicken fries – Crispy chicken, onions, chillies and Chinese spiced topping – £7.95


WRAPS & DOGS  (All served with fries)

Southern fried chicken wrap – with lettuce & Mayo – £8.95

Halloumi- With peppers, onions & sweet chilli – £8.95 (v)

Mediterranean falafel – With mixed salad & vegan mayo – £8.95 (v/vg)

Fairground Dog – Classic frankfurter, crispy onions, ketchup & mustard – £10.45 

Chilli cheese Dog – Frankfurter topped with beef chilli and cheese – £12.95 

Notorious P.I.G – Topped with bacon, cheese and bacon dust – £12.95 



Margherita- Classic topped with Tomato sauce, mozzarella & basil – £10.95

Spicy Chicken – Tomato sauce, mozzarella, crispy chicken, jalapeños and sweet chilli – £11.95

The Greek – Tomato sauce, feta, olives & oregano – £11.95

Double pepperoni – Tomato sauce, fresh pepperoni slices & mozzarella – £11.95

Garlic Bread – Garlic butter and herb topped fresh dough – £8



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