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Clowning Around! Introducing Blackpool’s most famous Clown Mooky!

30 May 2024

Mooky the Clown, Blackpool Tower Circus’ biggest star, has been captivating audiences with his comedic antics and engaging performances. Just a short walk away, Viva Blackpool operates as a vibrant neighbour, offering a variety of shows that cater to the Blackpool audience – demonstrating that shows in Blackpool are for everyone!

Having first performed on stage aged just 4 years old, Mooky (aka Laci Endresz Jr) comes from 3 generations of clowns and performs in the circus ring with his brother, Mr Boo!

Blackpool has been famous as a hub for family entertainment for over 130 years, with its Pleasure Beach, historic piers, and the iconic Blackpool Tower. At the heart of this entertainment culture is Mooky the Clown, whose performances are a major draw for families visiting the Blackpool Tower Circus – which is celebrating it’s 130th anniversary this year!

Mooky’s ability to connect with both children and adults alike enhances the family-friendly atmosphere of the area and Viva Blackpool complements this by offering a diverse lineup of shows, from musical tributes to comedy nights, ensuring that there’s something for every member of the family.

Having started performing at the Blackpool Tower back in 1992, Mooky’s unique style, characterized by a blend of traditional circus clown antics and modern humor, sets a high standard for entertainment in Blackpool – the UK’s capital of fun and entertainment. Thousands have enjoyed his interactive performances involving the audience in a way that few other entertainers can match. In contrast, Viva Blackpool provides a more varied entertainment offering, from live music to stand-up comedy, broadening the cultural tapestry of Blackpool, the home of Variety entertainment.

Feedback from thousands of visitors often highlights a trip to the Blackpool Tower Circus to see Mooky as a highlight of their stay. Many commend his engaging performance style and the joy it brings to their children. Similarly, reviews for Viva Blackpool praise the quality and variety of its shows. The positive reception of both venues indicates a healthy demand for quality entertainment, with Mooky’s performances often inspiring visitors to return.

Looking ahead, both venues are preparing for a busy summer season. Mooky continues to be a central figure in upcoming circus shows, which are expected to draw large crowds. Viva Blackpool is not far behind, with a schedule packed with new and returning acts designed to appeal to a broad audience with it’s own comedy star Leye D Johns – celebrating his own 30 year anniversary in Blackpool this year!

Mooky the Clown remains an integral part of the entertainment landscape in Blackpool, bringing laughter and joy to families and visitors. The ongoing success of his shows at Blackpool Tower Circus is complemented by the diverse entertainment options available right here at Viva Blackpool. Together, they continue to enhance Blackpool’s reputation as an amazing family entertainment destination!

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