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VIPartner Terms & Conditions

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The terms and conditions stated below form are additional to the main Skiddle Terms and Conditions which can be found here.

1 – Promoting Shows/Events

1.1 By partaking in this scheme you commit to:

1.1.1 Seek additional sales by promoting to your clients, friends, colleagues and contacts

1.1.2 Use social media and web where appropriate

1.1.3 Never compete with the event promoter’s or venue’s own marketing by posting on the promoter’s own social media groups, pages, profiles.

1.1.4 Use the event information and artwork provided by the event promoter

1.1.5 Clearly state the event information and not alter any details or facts

1.1.6 Not represent yourself as the event promoter or a Viva Blackpool employee or representative

1.1.7 Use email or online marketing responsibly and comply with the Data Protection Act or any other laws where applicable

1.1.8 Never use flyposting or flyer distribution where this is illegal or forbidden

1.1.9 Seek the promoter’s permission if you wish to distribute press releases

1.1.10 Seek Viva Blackpool’s advice if you are unsure about any of the above points – contact

2 – Discounts

2.1 Viva Blackpool will set discounts for each show with a guideline discount of 15% off the ‘Face’ value of the ticket – that being the usual selling price of that ticket.

2.2 Discounts will not be offered on top of offer led promotions, or additional discount schemes

3 – Tracking Commissions & Payments

3.1 To earn a VIPartner commission, a sale needs to be made online via your ‘VIPartner Page’ after following your personal tracking link which will be provided to you.

3.2 Commissions will be credited to your account if the purchase is initiated and completed via your online page. Or alternatively if processed via the box office with an applicable VIPartner member

3.3 The event promoter has full control over rep commissions that are payable and may choose to alter or remove these without prior notice

3.4 Viva Blackpool reserves the right to offer bonus commissions and incentives to exceptional participants under this scheme on a discretionary basis.

4 – Commissions

4.1 As a guide, commissions will be set at 5% of the FACE VALUE of the ticket.

4.2 Commissions become due once total account commissions have reached a value of £25 or more and will be paid at the end of each month in full

4.3 Should there be any issues which delay us paying the promoter for the event, this may delay the commissions being due to yourself

4.4 If an event is cancelled or postponed, or if a ticket is refunded for another reason, no commission will be due

4.5 All commissions will be paid at the end of each calendar month to Reps which have valid bank details on our system with a commission value of £25 or more

4.6 Viva Blackpool will collect commissions from the event promoter and pay them to you on their behalf

4.6 Viva Blackpool will not be held responsible for paying any commissions if we have not been able to collect the commissions from the promoter.

4.8 You agree to update your bank details as necessary, we cannot be responsible for funds sent to the wrong account if the details were not updated on our system

4.9 You are solely responsible for declaring any income received from Viva Blackpool and paying any taxes due

4.10 If you do not register bank account details with us, your rep commissions will be held until a valid bank account is registered. Any rep commissions which have been unclaimed for over 12 months will be forfeited.

5 Viva Blackpool’s relationship with VIPartners

5.1 VIPartners are acting as Agents for the event promoter

5.2 The contract for payment of rep commissions is between you and the event promoter and is subject to the terms and conditions of that third party supplier, which they will advise you of directly. You should carefully review their terms and conditions applying to this agreement. The third party supplier may enforce these terms and conditions in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

5.3 Viva Blackpool will facilitate this agreement by collecting any due commissions from the Event/Show Producer and pay them to you directly

General Provisions

  • Tickets are sold subject to The Venue AND/OR Producer’s right to alter the performance schedule or cast should circumstances beyond our control make this unavoidable, without being obliged to refund monies or exchange tickets.
  • In the event of a change or cancellation to the performance schedule, ticket holders will be notified via the Broker. The Venue is not liable for any changes or inaccuracies in these details which may prevent the ticket holder being contacted. In the case of a group booking, the organiser who purchased the tickets is deemed responsible for communicating any changes to the group.
  • In the event of a cancellation of a performance or event, the Theatre shall have no further liability other than the face value of the ticket. Tickets will be offered to an alternative show performance to the face value of the ticket. Any refund requests due to a cancellation of a performance will be dealt with by The Venue AND/OR The Promoter whose contact details will be made available on request.
  • The ticket holder is entitled to a seat of the value corresponding to that shown on the ticket and the Venue reserves the right to provide alternative seating to those specified on the ticket. Where seating of a lesser value only is available, the ticket holder will be compensated to a maximum of the difference in value between the cost of the seats. The ticket holder may be re-seated in higher priced seating at no additional cost at the discretion of the Venue Management.
  • In the interests of health and safety the Theatre reserves the right to restrict public access to parts of the Venue.
  • Every effort is made to ensure that the information on the website, in the brochure, and all other publicity materials and adverts is correct, however we advise prospective patrons to contact the Box Office to confirm show information and availability prior to making a special trip to The Venue.
  • Viva Blackpool may in some instances be used as a booking office by agencies or representatives of other performers. Please refer to their terms and conditions regarding bookings and cancellations – Viva Blackpool holds no responsibility or accountability for other performers hiring the services managed by Viva Blackpool, irrespective of their nature.
  • From time to time, official show merchandise may be available. The Venue cannot accept any responsibility for the sale of such merchandise.
  • Competitions: Prizes offered by the Venue or any of its promoters and suppliers for competitions run on its website or via the media have no cash value. If prizes offered are tickets for a particular performance or production we are unable to exchange these for a different performance or production. The Venue is unable to provide a refund if you have purchased tickets for a performance or production and then later win a competition for tickets for the same performance or production.
  • No responsibility may be accepted for personal property. Patrons are requested to keep their belongings with them at all times. Please be aware that extra security measures (e.g. searches) may be implemented.
  • Customers may not bring in their own food and/or drink into the venue to consume on the premises. Persons caught consuming their own food and/or drink on the premises will be asked to leave without any right to a refund.
  • Stop and Search Policy – Trained Security Personnel (SIA Approved) at the Venue may exercise the right to conduct random searches of bags or belongings being brought into the venue. Refusal of such a search request may result in the venue refusing access without the right to a refund. Items may be left at reception, but the venue cannot be held responsible for any items left with staff.


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