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VIPartner Overview

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Viva Blackpool can now offer businesses across the resort the opportunity to become ticket agents (brokers) for the venue.

Great For Groups At VIVA BlackpoolFor accommodation providers this will be particularly useful , as it will offer the ability to package shows with accommodation throughout the year when Viva has shows operating, not only that it will give you the opportunity to sell show tickets to your guests direct.

Businesses will have the ability to log into their account and book shows, select seats and process the payment direct.  No telephone calls to Viva, no slips of paper or voucher books.  Bookings are traceable and trackable and it’s an ideal way to highlight the amount of business any one partner is sending through to Viva, making a reward scheme far more workable and increasing business levels for all parties.


The benefits of working with an established year-round entertainment venue should speak for themselves. The sheer range of shows on offer throughout the year means that by partnering with Viva in this broker scheme you are constantly refreshing your product and giving your guests a reason to return to Blackpool several times throughout the year. There are of course other benefits available to partners who become agents for Viva including the following:-

  • Earn commission of 5% per ticket sold and take advantage of discounted ticket price for your guests, perfect for packages (typically 15%)
  • Exceptional VIPartners who promote and contribute to the scheme will be awarded credits, which can be exchanged for tickets, drink and dining packages or even marketing opportunities such as advertising and promotional discounts with Viva.
  • We’ll also be hosting dedicated broker events and show nights, season launches and exclusive offers.

Commissions can be settled on a monthly basis once a minimum of £25 commission is earned.

Click here for a full list of FAQs (PDF)

VIPartner – Online Booking

Online Reps SystemWe have an innovative online booking system which lists the events available with our VIPartner discounts, and will apply commission earnings to your account with us for every booking made. Booking is simple – we just need to know the number of tickets, any dining packages and then once you login using your email address/password – the customers Name and mobile number.

We will allocate the best available seats for your guests on booking, so you don’t need to worry about a thing!

VIPartner – Offline Booking

If you’d like to speak to someone about booking your guests in, or just prefer booking the old fashion way – then we can facilitate the booking for you applying the same discounts  as the online booking route.

Our box office team are briefed and will make the booking via your VIPartner page to ensure the correct discounts are applied.

Marketing Support & Tool-kit

We’ve uploaded an on-line toolkit available to partner businesses containing logos, show copy and images and links to some stunning video content for our shows.

This resource is available to VIPartners and additional content and point of sale information will be available to ensure you have the ability to create themselves and Viva as much potential business as possible.

Should additional point of sale information be required please contact our marketing team. Once you’ve successfully registered, we’ll supply a full list of FAQ’s will be added to the toolkit empowering brokers with the knowledge they need.

Previous Partner Pass Scheme Members

We are constantly evolve and look at how we are not only working in partnership with local businesses, but also how we are monitoring and evaluating where our business is coming from so we can reward those that send the most customers to us.

Viva’s previous partnership scheme was our Partners Pass and whilst we hope the majority of businesses will move onto the new VIPartner scheme. We appreciate that for some of our Partner Pass members becoming an online seller just isn’t practical, so we do provide the ‘Offline’ booking route.

We understand businesses such as cafe owners, entertainers and taxi drivers perhaps don’t have the time and/or the opportunity to directly sell tickets for Viva and we have alternative solutions whereby these valued partners of Viva could still earn credits for sending customers to Viva and therefore earn themselves tickets for free show tickets, in the same way that our brokers would. For details of these alternative schemes please email


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