Tier 3 – Christmas Bookings Update

Unfortunately it has been announced that Lancashire and Blackpool will remain in Tier 3 over Christmas, which means that our Christmas programming will not be able to go ahead as planned, and as we understand it New Year will be reviewed on the 30th December.

Our wonderful Viva venue has now been closed for 7 out of the last 9 months, and times are very hard as we do our upmost to ensure we can re-open in February 2021. We have cut all un-necessary costs, we have 29 employees on furlough (and an additional 26 in the diner) and we are ensuring their NI, PAYE and Pension costs are paid from the company reserves. We are still pushing for all help available to us, but it is a struggle to keep the businesses in situ.

We have released most of our Christmas 2021 programming for booking – including Christmas Day, NYE, Santa’s Magic Workshop and the visiting shows Meatloaf, MJ – The Legacy, Christmas Eve and Boxing day.

We would kindly ask that all ticket holders please consider taking a credit to use in the next 18 months, or moving their booking to a show on sale or even ‘donating’ to the venue in order to help us through to our re-opening. This will be a great help to us and appreciated. 

If you’d like to donate your tickets to our ‘Viva Recovery Fund’ – please email [email protected] with the subject ‘Donate’

We understand not everyone will be in a position to take a credit, and if as a last resort you would like to request a refund, please email [email protected] with the subject ‘Refund’ and your order number if possible. We will be processing refunds from January 3rd 2021 when we will have our accounts team returning to work to process financial refunds.

We ask once again that patience and understanding be shown to our staff, who are in the same situation as everyone else – and who are dealing with a situation far beyond their control. We will not tolerate any abuse being shown to our team and will issue lifetime bans, and will report to the police anyone acting or communicating aggressively to our wonderful team – now is the time to be kind and understanding to each other.

Here’s our Viva host Leye D Johns with more