There’s No Business Like Joe Business…

With his incredible voice and flawless impressions, the renowned entertainer that is Joe Longthorne, is proudly welcomed back here at Viva Blackpool for another year of spectacular shows!

Joe, who began his career over 40 years ago, first realised his talent at a young age when he entered a local talent competition and won first prize – a toy car. Obviously, since then he has gone on to achieve much greater things! Joe Longthorne has received an abundance of awards for his talents such as The Variety Club award for “Most Promising Artiste” in the early days of his career in 1983, to continue to exceed expectations and be honoured with their “Lifetime Achievement Award” in 2007 and more!


Video: The Incomparable Joe Longthorne 60th Birthday Celebration Concert at Viva Blackpool DVD Trailer

Not only has Joe collected awards throughout his career for his astounding efforts in Showbiz, he also takes great pride in his extensive charity work of which to him is of great importance and this has been honourably recognised also. Joe Longthorne has received commendable awards such as The Variety Club’s “Silver Heart” award in 2010 of which he admirably donated to a local charity which was auctioned for an astonishing value, enabling a hospital to be built in a remote part of Nepal.


His remarkable kindness and selflessness has been recognised by the Queen and lead to Joe receiving the wonderfully significant surprise of being appointed as a member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Birthday Honours List. Joe being as humble as he is was completely astonished and hopes this will raise the profile of his charities.


It is no news to any of us that Joe has faced some difficult challenges in regards to his health but it is with great happiness to hear and share that he is doing well. No doubt his love for Showbiz and his incredible, worldwide fan base has fuelled his determination to strive through his illnesses and progress to continue to be the legendary performer we all love.  Boasting both monthly Music Hall Matinees and weekly evening performances showcasing his many talents and special guests, it’s our pleasure to bring to you once again, Joe Longthorne!