Most Flaunted…Derek Acorah’s Best Bits

Wowing millions throughout theaters across the UK, Spiritualist Medium Derek Acorah will be coming to Viva Blackpool Friday 29th November 2018. With 25 years experience demonstrating this unique talent, Derek is a modern Medium appealing to all.

Derek was the first Medium to display his clairvoyance ability on live TV, without the use of an editing suite on iconic ‘Psychic Live Time’ and ‘The Psychic Zone’. His talent didn’t just capture UK audiences but also Europe, the Middle East, India, Australia and New Zealand. Later he started his own TV production, ‘Derek Acorah’s Predictions’ where he investigated haunted locations.

Derek then took is talents to Hollywood where he was heavily involved a number of paranormal investigations and demonstrated his talents live at The Vogue Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in 1998. Then just two years later, ‘Connections with Derek Acorah’ was created. This programme was an instant hit with Derek giving live readings on the streets of Santa Monica.

Known for his appearances in the iconic ‘Most Haunted’, the programs millions of viewers were gripped by Derek’s legendary paranormal experiences, bringing a sense of charm and accuracy to an otherwise known scary experience. Named ‘Mr Most Haunted’ by its worldwide audience Derek decided to begin a new series named ‘Derek Acorah’s Ghost Town’, this saw Derek visiting a host of UK towns conducting paranormal investigations.

Derek’s career has not only seen him make television and theatre appearances, he is also the author of eleven books. Two of these, ‘The Psychic Adventures of Derek Acorah’ and ‘Ghost Hunting with Derek Acorah’, featured on ‘The Times’ Non-Fiction Best Seller List and have been translated into both Russian and Mandarin.

With an outstanding career behind him, Derek still remains dedicated to the paranormal and connecting those to their loved ones and bringing mystery to light as well as proof of the survival on a daily basis.